• Anwendung der Medizinischen Informatik in der physiotherapeutischen Praxis
    Aim of the internal project is the application of medical informatics in order to support the diagnosis and therapy with physiotherapy. Emphasis is on the treatment of dizziness and craniocerebral injuries in sports such as football. Especially the use of virtual reality techniques and IoT will be applied.
    Leaders: Prof. Dr. G. Von Voigt
    Team: CHI
    Year: 2020
    Sponsors: Internes Projekt
    Lifespan: 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2021
  • e-IRGSP6
    e-IRGSP6 is a EU-funded project. It will provide the core services to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG). The project will support e-IRG in its activities producing high-level policy recommendations towards the implementation of EOSC, EDI and the e-Infrastructure Commons overall.
    Leaders: Jan Wiebelitz
    Year: 2019
    Sponsors: EU
    Lifespan: 01.01.2019 – 30.06.2021
  • Errorless Learning
    Errorless Learning is an educational project targeted at elementary school children. It teaches kids how to spell words in the form of an interactive mobile game.
    Leaders: Prof. Dr. G. Von Voigt
    Team: Prof. Dr. G. Von Voigt, Svetlana Ovcharenko
    Year: 2018
    Lifespan: 01.11.2018 –
  • Profiling Toolkit for HPC Applications
    Often enough, researchers are satisfied as soon as they receive the results of their computations in an acceptable time frame without recognising the possibilities to optimize their resource usage through performance engineering. The main goal of this project is to increase the awareness of performance issues in all user communities.
    Leaders: Prof. Dr. G. Von Voigt
    Year: 2017
    Lifespan: 2017 – 2020